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Welcome to my web site for Thief and The Dark Mod fan made mission.

Note for missions. If there is an update to a mission I.E a new dark version is brough out by an Author the older version will no longer be avilable on the site.

Site news & updates


Uploaded new thief 2 fan mission Deadly Cure by Korthak Here 55 Meg.


Uploaded new thief 2 campgin Patriot by Zontik, grab it Here 2150 Meg.


Uploaded AngelLoader to the site.

Uploaded T2fix to the site.

Thief 2 HD mod V 1.0 uploaded to the site.

Code fixes have been made to the site, Fixed the graphic at the top of the site to. Adding more artwork which is well over due.


Updated and added thief 1 mission walkthrough links.


Dark Mod fan missions The Night Of Reluctant Benefaction by Bienie Here 11.9 Meg, and Hidden Hands: Initiation by JackFarmer Here 90 Meg, have been uploaded.


Happy bloody Xmas everyone, get a look at all those new thief mission to play, HELL YEAH!!. Will be updating the thief 1 mission page later, but those links below will still work untill then.

Thief TDP20AC missions ready to download so far are here to download,
An Enigmatic Treasure with a Recondite Discovery by GORT Here
The Sound of a Burrick in a Room by son_of_a_dude Here
Catacombs of Knoss by Anonymous Here
Darkness Walk With Us! by Haplo Here
Dewinder Manor by psych0sis Here
Downtowne Funk by Yandros Here
Lost Among The Forsaken by King Mirdas Here
Madness Of Wolfgang Handspiegel by mtk Here
Heart And Soul by StinkyKitty & McTaffer Here
In & Out by FrenchDecay, JarlFrank & marbleman Here
Lord G by Anonymous Here
Making a Profit by vfig Here
Order of the Dew by Jayrude Here
Mother Redcaps' Last Request by Sqiz Here
Rose Garden by Melan Here
Shadow Play by Schlock Here
The Burning Bedlam by Phantom Here
The Hunt, Part 1: Search by Grandmauden Here
The Scarlet Cascabel by Tannar & PukeyBrunster Here
The Whistling of the Gears by Deception Here
The Lost City of Gazing Glass by mtk Here
The Tomb of Saint Tennor by vegetables Here
Ultimate Burglary by -Terra- Here


Updated the NewDarkLoader 1.5.8 Here 0.778 Meg.


Updated Mortuos Liber to the latest version 1.2 Here 772 Meg.


A new Thief 2 fan mission, by leconbras, CNSD - The Game! Here 264 Meg.


A new Dark Mod fan mission, by joebarnin, Mission of Mercy Here 10.1 Meg.


Updated many of the Dark Mod missions on taffers that were out of date, also fixed some wrong links.


A new Dark Mod fan mission, by Grayman, William Steele 4: The Warrens Mansion Here 53 Meg.


A new Thief 2 fan mission, by Bulgarian_Taffer, Lord Alexander's Mansion Here 75 Meg.


A new Thief 2 fan mission, by marbleman, Cracks in the Glass Here 34 Meg.


A new Dark Mod fan mission, by Bienie, CoS1: Pearls and Swine Here 24 Meg.


A new Thief 2 fan mission, by Niborius , Mystry of the upper quater mission 1 Here 103 Meg.


Sorry to have to annouce that dark mod fan aurthor Sir Taffsalot is no longer with us. I am sure that the hole thief and dak mod community give there condolences to his family and friends. He will be missed by many. It would also seem that he was a bit of a music buff with his own sound cloud page. Link to this Here.

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