Garret Loader 1.41

Download garretloader 1.41 - 6.5 Meg


Darkloader 4.3 - 2.6 Meg

Darkloader 4.31b1 - 1.9 Meg

Darkloader allows you to install and play all thief 1,thief Gold, thief 2 Fan made mission, Another must have download


NewDarkLoader 1.5 - 0.76 Meg

Thief DP & Gold patches and files

Some versions of Thief, such as Thief Platinum, may come already patches, or have the patch file on your game disc.

Thief 1 V1.33 (EAX & Bug Fixes) - 9.9 Meg

Adds EAX (Creative Labs' "Environmental Audio Extensions") support, joystick support, cheats, and several bug fixes.

Thief gold HD texture mod - 1228 Meg

Patch installer for Thief 1 / Thief Gold:TFix v1.23 - (Note - TFix is currently using NewDark v1.24) 156 Meg

Thief 2 patches and files

Note: If you wish to use dromed with Thief 2, the proper order to install is: Thief 2 - Dromed - Thief 2 Patch - Dromed Patch.

Thief 2 V1.18 - 33 Meg

Thief 2 V1.18 (german Version) - 33 Meg

Thief 2 Dromed patch (for use with thief 2 v1.18) - 3 Meg

Patch installer for Thief 2 New version / Tafferpatcher v. 2.0.17 - (Note - Tafferpatcher is currently using NewDark v1.24) 209 Meg

Thief 2 New Dark Update / v1.25 - 20.6 Meg

Thief 2 HD Texture Mod - 956 Meg

Thief 2 Multiplayer Patch

Thief 2 Multiplayer - 1.9 Meg

Thief Enhancement Pack

Thief Enhancement Pack 2.0 alpha - 779 Meg


DromEd ToolKit 1.0 - 13 Meg

Thief 3 files

Thief 3 patch - 416 KB

Sneaky Upgrade: Unofficial patch for Thief 3 (widescreen, FM loading and tweaks), Version - 263 Meg

Thief 3 Gold - 50 Meg

Collective Texture Pack Ver. 1.0.3 - 108 Meg

Minimalist 1.4.1 for Thief 3. - 7 Meg, For a full list changes read here.

Thief 3 filed of view patch - 146 KB


Explanation: This file is required if you wish to play fan-made missions but do not have the editor installed. Simply unzip the file, and place convict.osm in your game folder. Some releases of the games may already include this file without the editor.

Convict.osm for Thief 1 - 0.4 Meg

Convict.osm for Thief Gold - 0.4 Meg

Convict.osm for Thief 2 - 0.4 Meg

Thief Scripts

Here you can download GayleSaver's Custom Scripts. These scripts extend the Dark engine's inner workings to give mission authors some additional flexibility. Since these scripts require the use of and additional DLL file and Darkloader will not extract DLL files from mission ZIP archives due to the potential security risks, you must install the script files manually. You can check out the README file here. To install these, simply download the ZIP archive appropriate for the game (T1/TGold or T2), and extract it into the game's directory. (Not into the directory where you keep your missions, but the actual Thief1/ThiefGold or Thief2 program directory.) The two important files are "script.osm" and "darkhooks.dlx". Note that you only need the developer's release if you plan on making your own fan missions which make use of the scripts. To make sure that the script installation worked properly, play a mission such as The Fireshadow's Barrow which will refuse to run if you don't install the scripts.

Scripts for Thief 1/ThiefGold - 133 KB

Scripts for Thief 2 - 134 KB

Developer's Release for T1/TG - 160 KB

Developer's Release for T2 - 622 KB

Telliamed's Custom Scripts

Also available is Telliamed's tnhScript package (version 2.1 as of 2009.04.10).

Download is - here, Info is - here

Nameless Voice's Scripts

Another script package is Nameless Voice's NVScript. As with GayleSaver's scripts, just unzip the zipfile into your Thief 2 (or System Shock 2) directory. The important file is NVScript.osm; the NVDebug.osm file is intended for mission developers. Some documentation for FM authors is included in NVScript.htm; you can view this file online here. Also for FM authors, there are a couple of debugging files available. Note that these are the 1.1.0 versions, current as of 2009-04-05.

Scripts for Thief 2 - 411 KB

Debugging stuff for Thief2 - 83.7 KB