Thief Tournament


Players start with x amount of points (Example 100PTS) A player must play through a mission (to be chosen on the day so no one can practice it before hand). They start the mission with X amount of points and must complete it by ghosting to see who the best thief is. Players will get plus or minus points depending on how the do in the game, I.E if they leave doors open that should be shut, if they leave chests or safe's open, If they get seen or heard by guards and if they kill anyone etc.

Points table

  • -2 for every door thatís left open thatís was closed or picked by the player.
  • -2 for every chest/safe door that is left open.
  • -5 if seen/heard by a guard or servant, -2 if they use a noise arrow.
  • -10 if they have to reload for getting killed by guards.
  • -2 if player dies from falling and having to reload.
  • -10 For killing anyone, Unless undead.
  • +2 for every 100 loot they find.
  • +10 for finding all loot.
  • +15 for finishing all objectives.
  • +15 for finishing within a set time limit if any is set before hand.
  • +20 for finishing the mission faster than everyone else.
  • Players may disable robots without penalty.
  • players may kill undead without penalty.
  • players may use as many water/moss and rope arrows without penalty.
  • Players may use holy water without penalty.
  • Players may use speed potions without penalty, But if they alert anyone from running after use they can still lose points for alerting people.

Let me know what you think of those rules so far, Let me know and drop any ideas to me and ill go over them.

Thief Tournament videos