The Assasin at Sir Ganrish House

General strategy:

Save up the life energy if possible for the final fight!
It applies to find at least 3 keys.


Creep ducked and slowly diagonally over the yard toward SE corner. Soon you see a ladder, which is visible on above screenshot, too. You can climb up the ladder without putting out the torch. Go now to the windows, which cannot be climbed through and turn right along the house front facing the guards: Here you can detect a balcony, which applies to be reached. The rope arrow can access only on a small wooden piece of the front, which can be detected on the above screenshot between balcony and the just climbed flat roof in brownish colour. For a good shooting position climb the ladder down again and shoot the arrouw from about the postion, at which the screenshot was taken.

Note to the maps:
red point: Guards
red fine lines: Guard on duty
olivgreen thick lines: Walkthrough

Upper Floor:

Climbing on the balcony, enter the house and turn to the left, cross the next room and proceed with the left door (the right is locked). Now you are in an corridor with some carpets and with 5 doors on the left side. Soon you hear the guard standing in a alcove to the right. Since the noise of opening doors by picklock will alarm the guard, you have to eliminate him.

Go slowly along the carpets and jump over the carpet-free section. Now you are almost directly behind the guard. 2 arrows should work. You shouldn't loose here too much life energy! Carry the corpse in a room and then clear all rooms, in the last you will find the silver key.

Since the door at the end of the corridor is locked, go back where you crossed a room with the right door locked up and open it now with the silver key. After a dark picture gallery you get in the Western part of the house in a room with 3 Eastern doors (the metallic one is locked up) and one Western. Walk through the Western door and descend through a dark staircase to the ground floor.

Ground Floor:

Go carefully into the open corridor aproaching to the East. Soon you hear a guard, which you do not need to eliminate. He goes, as in the card drawn in, clockwise through the 4 rooms. The best is here a 2 stage solution: Go so far, since you can see the guard. Wait until you see, that the guard leaves the first room you can see to the left. Now you have to speed up. You can run over the carpets, as they will absorb the noise. Run like the guard clockwise through the 4 rooms, open all doors and leave this uncomfortable area, from where you came.

Now do a round trip again, which is easier now, since all doors are open, and fetch the gold in a box and the bronze key.

With this key you can unlock the N-door of the staircase and proceed to the next room. Don't become nervous of the loud commands of the guards, as you are save in this room. Go carefully through the right door into the entrance hall. Do you see the guards outside? Use water arrows to put out two torches and creep slowly in the shodow to the door on the opposite side. Behind this door guards are on duty. Go only through the door, if the guards departed.

The safest area is here the dining room in the center. Duck yourself in the penumbra, as evident in right picture. There is no need to eliminiate any guards. Perhaps you can fetch to plates, which can be used in the final fight.

Beside the door you approached, there are 5 additional doors, of which 4 can be opened. In clockwise discription ther are following doors:

Door N: room with 3 doors
Door E1: water bassin
Door E2: armory and power station
Door S1: locked up
Door S2: chapel

Wait until the guard comes out of Door N and then go throug it. The opposite door leads to the kirchen. Instead take the right door to a corridor with 4 doors. Clear all rooms avoiding noise. before leaving a room, hear if a guard is on duty. Through the door at the end of the corridor you get in the staircase of the tower.

In the Tower is a guard, who should be eliminated, which can be done rather easily with the club. Go up the stairs since you see the upper part with a corridor to the right. Put out the torch on the right with a water arrow. Creep now along the last stair section at the left wall to almost the corner forwards, pull the club and wait for the guard. In the right moment backslap him. Drag the guard over the corridor into a room with 4 doors. Open all doors without that with a red door-frame. Trough one door you can aproach to a terrace with an interesting machinery. In one room you can find the golden key.

With this key you can lock up the door with the with a red door-frame and you get in the well-known starting corridor. Go further through the picture gallery and in the Western part of the house with the room with 3 Eastern doors and one Western. Now you can lock up the metallic door and go up the bell tower to collect some gold. Shoot now a rope arrow close of the opening underneath the bell. Press for a long time on the action key, thereby the rope becomes rather long and climb into the chapel down there. Don't miss to collect the candlesticks. The chapels garden isn't of specific interest. If the rope isn't long enough or you have no more rope arrow, descend over the staircase and entrance hall to the dining room.

Ground Floor + Cellar:

With the golden key you can open the door on the left side of the chapel's entrance (if you come from the chapel, you have to rurn right). Creep into the prison down and put out the torch opposite the prison guard, then you can creep safely to the next door. If you want, collect the blue key on the windowledge, which isn't really needed. On the folowing crossing turn to the left to the prison cells. It's important to close all doors here, otherwise Esemor will flee if attackted long enough!.

Kill Esemor, the prisonor in cell 3, by opening his cell with the golden or blue key, throughing a plate or something else into the cell and running to the end of the room near cell 1. At the moment, Esemor leaves his cell, shoot at him broadheaded arrows. When he is already very near to your place, change weapon to sword and go forward, through it, go backwards and raise at the same time, go forward and through again a.s.o. To kill him is a great challenge because of the darkness.

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