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Augustine's Revenge


You begin in a small courtyard. Climb the stairs, open a shutter and reach into through the window to pick up a broadhead and a healing potion. Sneak quietly through the east door, grab some more equipment and flip the big lever to open the courtyard gate.


Walk through the gate and you can see Lord Robertís mansion across the canal. Alas, there is no way over to that side so turn to your right and walk into town. Turn left at the first corner, walk to the far end and eavesdrop on a conversation. Take note that you pass the arsenal door on the way but youíll need to come back with the key.

When youíre back to the corner, turn left. Head through the archway between the towers to the south, turn left and climb up to the east tower. Take the Arsenal key from the guard. Return to the arsenal door, unlock it with the key and help yourself to the contents. Go back to the corner opposite the tower and wait for a guard to patrol by; he is wearing a purse (+100) which Iím sure heíll never miss.

Turn left then left again and walk down a ramp to the Police Station. You canít get in the front door so head down the ramp and around to the basement door which you can pick open. The cells are all unoccupied. Deal with the spider then slip around underneath the stairs and open a chest to acquire a gold nugget (+100 = 200) then head upstairs to the main floor. The lever on the wall opens the front door but thereís nothing else of interest here so continue up the stairs to the top floor.

Pick open the Evidence room door, enter and collect a gold nugget (+100 = 300) and a gold torc (+350 = 650) then go next door to Lt. Davisí office and let yourself in. Grab a vase (+50 = 700) then leave the building and return to the archway underneath the towers.

Walk through, turn right and turn left into a dead end. Climb on the barrel and from there onto the top of the wall. Climb down the ladder that is straight ahead, open a chest and youíll pick up a gold nugget (+100 = 800).

Return to the street, walk east to the far end but instead of going up the ramp which leads to the tower, walk along side it. Turn right at the end, fish some water arrows out of the water on the right and continue on through the archway.

Make a left at the next corner and youíll walk onto a wooden porch. Reach through the open window at the far end and take a purple goblet (+15 = 815). Walk back to the other end, step down to the street and turn left down the ramp which leads to a courtyard where youíll find the body of a young woman lying on the ground. Maggie Mae! Thatís the woman the two people you eavesdropped on earlier were talking about.

Turn around, walk back up to the top of the slope and ahead into the passageway. Nab a purse (+100 = 915) from the patrolling guard and turn right at the corner towards the Gates Warehouse. Once you reach the Warehouse yard, turn left then right and walk down the slope. Youíll arrive in the back courtyard. Rope arrow up to the wooden walkway.

Walk onto the metal ledge to the east and jump from it to the window ledge in the stone building. Crouch, crawl through the low opening on the right and youíll end up on a ledge above a courtyard. Reach in through the open window and pilfer a tiara (+125 = 1040) and a necklace (+200 = 1240). Now return to the wooden ledge.

Pick open the warehouse door and have a look around inside. Climb the stairs to the office, collect a purple urn (+100 = 1340) then reach in under the desk and push a button to open the door nearby. Yum! There are lots of goodies in here! You can add a green LC tapestry (+150 = 1490), a purse (+100 = 1590) and 9 gold coinstacks (+225 = 1815).

Walk all the way down the stairs to the lower floor, duck in under the stairs and grab a gold nugget (+100 = 1915) from a chest then pick open the front doors and youíll be back in the back courtyard. Head back up the ramp to the front of the building.

Walk straight ahead from the corner of the building and into the passageway opposite. Walk straight ahead then turn right and listen to an interesting conversation. Go back, turn left at the intersection and go down a couple of steps to the pub. Pick open the door and enter. Gather up 2 gold coinstacks (+50 = 1965) that have been left on the gaming table then make your way over to the bar area. Here youíll find a purple goblet (+15 = 1980), 2 gold goblets (+50 = 2030), 2 fine wines (+100 = 2130) and 2 gold pates (+100 = 2230). Take the purse (+100 = 2330) thatís inside the cashbox underneath the bar counter then head upstairs.

Thereís a silver coinstack (+12 = 2342) on the box in the first room, a jar (+20 = 2362) in the storage area and a purse (+100 = 2462) on the floor by the bed in the last room.

Return to the warehouse, go back up the other passageway to the corner and continue straight ahead into the West End. Walk down the ramp, turn left then left again up a flight of stairs. At the top, climb up onto a wooden railing then jump from it to the alcove in the roof to the west. Mantle up onto the top of the roof and walk onto the ledge. Reach in through an open window, read a note then walk east to the far end where you can enter a passageway patrolled by a guard. Turn right at the corner and youíll find some additional equipment in the room at the far end.

Return to the ledge just outside the hallway and jump south to a walkway. Turn right, enter Jerryís room and take 2 gold coinstacks (+50 = 2512), 3 gold nuggets (+300 = 2812) and a purse (+100 = 2912) from the table. Jump back to the ledge.

Make your way back to the flat rooftop and from it, back down to the railing and then the street. Walk down the stairs and over to the bottom of the ramp. Turn left through an archway, along a short street and rope arrow up to the wooden platform above the far end. Go through a door and out onto a walkway that runs above a street. Walk to the far end, up a couple of steps and into a guardroom where you can pick up some broadheads. Return to the platform, walk about halfway back towards the far end then turn and look across the street. Thereís a triangle shaped ledge with a window above it. Run and jump across to the ledge, climb in through the window and pick open the cash box to acquire a purse (+100 = 3012) the climb back out. Check the street below to make sure the patrolling guard isnít anywhere around then shoot a rope arrow into the wooden walkway on the far side, jump to the rope and let yourself down to the street.

Proceed east and youíll end up in a courtyard with a tall water tower in one corner.

Walk straight ahead to a pinkish wooden peaked roof edge, shoot a rope arrow into it and climb up to the top. Slide down the north side of the roof and slip into an open window into a thievesí hidey hole. Help yourself to their stash of stolen goods which consists of 3 fine wines (+150 = 3162) and 2 purple goblets (+30 = 3192) then return to the peak of the wooden roof. Carefully drop down onto a small ledge on the building to the south and from it, drop back down to the street.

Head over to the south side of the water tower and rope arrow up to the wooden platform above the turbine. There are 3 silver coinstacks (+36 = 3228) sitting on a table in the room on the right and there is a gold nugget (+100 = 3328) sitting beside some pipes in the room at the far end of the platform. Climb the ladder to the top of the water tower, dive in, swim across and climb the ladder on the other side. Make your way round to the archer's balcony and collect a couple of fire arrows from the niche on the right. Go back to the top of the water tower and dive in again.

The Electric Building

Swim through the hole in the south side and climb out in the room at the other side. Ascend the ladder and youíll be on an enclosed rooftop. Walk to the edge, climb down a ladder and enter a small bathroom. Grab the fine wine (+50 = 3378) and the gold goblet (+25 = 3403) from the side of the tub then exit and climb the ladder. This time, jump across the gap to the sloping metal roof and walk east through the first doorway. Turn left, grab some moss arrows then continue through the next doorway and out onto a walkway.

Turn right (S), enter the small building at the end of the walkway and climb down the ladder that is outside the other door onto a metal walkway that is patrolled by a Hammerite. Inside the building on the right, youíll find 2 jars (+40 = 3443). The first room in the building at the south end of the walkway contains a purple vase (+50 = 3493) and some broadheads that are stuck into a target hanging on the wall. Thereís a gold nugget (+100 = 3593) locked inside the chest in the second room. Head back to the far end of the metal walkway, climb the ladder and walk past the door you used to a short flight of stairs. Walk down them and continue east to the far end, into a corner with a low window. Crouch down and crawl through the window and drop down into the hallway beyond.

Strawberry Fields

Walk straight ahead, pick open the door on your right and go through. Walk down the stairs, turn left at the bottom and walk alongside the stairs then turn right into a hallway. Pick a purse (+100 = 3693) from the guard that patrols this area. Youíll find the Strawberry Fields key on the table in the room on the right about half way along. Continue along the hallway and at the end, youíll come out right beside a locked gate. Use the key you just found on the lockbox on the wall to open the gate and walk down the ramp beyond into Strawberry Fields.

The next courtyard is occupied by some zombies so proceed carefully. Walk around to the south end of the building where youíll see a beam protruding from under the eaves. Rope arrow up to the roof and walk to the north. Climb up into a room where youíll find some holy water, water arrows and flashbombs.

Head back to the south end of the roof, jump across to the ledge on the opposite building and mantle up onto the flat rooftop above. Crawl through a hole into one of the abandoned buildings. Descend to the ground floor where you can add 2 green LC tapestries (300 = 3993), 4 gold nuggets (+400 = 4393), 2 gems (+200 = 4593) and 8 gold coinstacks (+200 = 4793) to your loot bag.

Return to the rooftop, shoot a rope arrow into the end of the beam on the opposite building and get back down to the ground. Leave Strawberry Fields and walk back to the far end of the brick walkway, up the stairs and into the building you were in previously.

Walk ahead along the hallway past a doorway, turn the corner and youíll be in front of a lit fireplace. Douse the fire, walk in and frob the back wall to open the door into a secret room. The stash in here is composed of 4 gold goblets (+100 = 4893), a purse (+100 = 4993), 3 silver coinstacks (+36 = 5029), a tiara (+125 = 5154), a green vase (+50 = 5204) and a pair of opera glasses (+50 = 5254).

The next room along the hallway is a very small room where you can pick up a healing fruit and gold goblet (+25 = 5279) from the counter and a gold plate (+50 = 5329) from the sink. Around the corner at the far end of the hallway, youíll find a gold vase (+100 = 5429) resting on a table. Keep walking and youíll come to a doorway on the left that you bypassed before. This time, go through and up the stairs. Thereís a green vase (+50 = 5479) in the small office that opens off of the first landing and in the bedroom at the top of the stairs, youíll find a necklace (+200 = 5679) and 2 gold coinstacks (+50 = 5729).

The Crayman Tower

Exit the bedroom by the north door, go through a small room and out onto a flat open balcony. Cross it, walk through another door and into the next building. The small room opposite the door holds a gas mine and a moss arrow so grab those then walk east along the hallway and around the far corner. Climb out the open window, moss the metal walkway around the tower opposite and jump across.

Walk around to the far side and through the door. Climb down the two ladders, grab a couple of moss arrows that are sitting on top of a box then go down the ramp. Grab a grey key from the patrolling crayman then follow the hallway to a door. Unlock it with the key and gather up 3 gold nuggets (+300 = 6029) and 6 silver nuggets (+300 = 6329). Return to the top of the tower and jump to the balcony to the north.

Rope arrow up to the wooden walkway, reach in through the open window and take 2 gold coinstacks (+50 = 6379) that someone has obligingly left in plain view then head through the open doorway at the far end.

At the top of the ramp, duck into the hole in the wall to the left of a couple of steps and pick up 2 fine wine bottles (+100 = 6479) then go up the stairs. Enter the room on the left, frob a lever thatís in the corner and a secret door will open in the wall. Inside, youíll find 6 gold nuggets (+600 = 7079).

The Elevator Tower

Return to the hallway, turn left and climb out the open window at the end. Climb down the ladder and shoot a rope arrow into the wooden overhang of the building to the north. Jump to the top floor of that building, read a note and pick up a healing potion then retrieve your arrow. Drop to the lower balcony and from there jump across to the ledge that runs around the building opposite. Follow the ledge around to the west side and quickly duck into an open window before the archer in the guardpost ahead sees you. Pick up a gold candlestick (+50 = 7129) then rope arrow up the elevator shaft.

Walk out the doorway, turn right and then right again. Head over to the north side of the roof and jump across to a window ledge. Reach into the hole and pull out a healing potion, a purse (+100 = 7229) and 2 gold coinstacks (+50 = 7279) then jump back to the rooftop.

Cross the rooftop and jump to the next rooftop (to the south), then walk over to the southeast corner. Drop down onto the ledge here and follow it to a ramp that leads down into a hallway. Turn right at the bottom of the ramp, move the boxes at the far end and behind them youíll find another thievesí stash consisting of 2 fine wines (+100 = 7379) and 4 gold goblets (+100 = 7479). Walk back down the hallway, turn right into the guard post and in the room below, you can pick up some water and moss arrows. Climb back up to the guard room, walk out the door and turn left (before you reach the hallway). Climb down a ladder, carefully make your way to the far end of the ledge where you can duck in through a window and help yourself to a purse (+100 = 7579) and 8 gold coinstacks (+200 = 7779).

Return to the hallway outside the guard post and go through the door at the west end. Pick a purse (+100 = 7879) from the patrolling guard then go through either of the doorways and down the ramp.

Walk west into a small courtyard, rope arrow up to the slanting wooden roof and mantle from it to the ledge above. Jump the gap below the window to the far side then jump from there to the open doorway. Proceed along the hallway, pick open the door to a room where a Hammer apprentice is sleeping and take a silver coinstack (+12 = 7791) and a healing fruit. Return to the hallway below the ramp.

The Long Plunge

Look for a long drop to a pool of water. Hold your nose and jump! Swim through the underwater opening in the north wall, pull yourself out and climb a ladder to a balcony.

Step up onto the railing and drop down onto a ledge. Reach in through an open window and take 2 purple vases (+100 = 7991) then go back to the balcony.

Go through the door. Read a note thatís been left on the wall mentioning wine being delivered to Maggie Mae. Peer over the edge of the parapet and down below youíll see the courtyard where you found her body. Perhaps she fell because she was drunk? Walk north then turn left and open a door. Help yourself to some water arrows, moss arrows and a mine then turn off the lights and open the other door. Lean out, blackjack the archer and go down the stairs. Walk alongside the stairs and into a storage room underneath. Move the boxes at the far end and youíll find a gold nugget (+100 = 8091) inside a chest.

Walk back along beside the stairs, turn left at the bottom and youíll enter a courtyard with a large round cistern-type structure. Mantle up onto the cistern wall then use a rope arrow to climb up onto the ledge at the east end where youíll find some broadheads tucked into an alcove. Jump into the cistern and swim east to the corner.

Turn right (S) and frob the last grate on the left wall to move it aside and reveal the Sewer key.

Swim to the north end, climb a ladder and use the key on a lockbox which opens the sewer hatch in the floor. Swim down through it and follow the passageways until you reach a hatch. Open it, climb out into a machinery room and pick up a healing fruit. Flip the lever on the wall to open the gate and quietly walk along the edge of the sewer to the wooden bridge. Cross it, sneak into the room opposite the crayman and pick up the small gate key from the bench. Cross the bridge again and enter the room on the other side where you can use the key to unlock a gate. Crawl through and follow the sewer tunnels to a room with a ladder. Climb it and youíll emerge in Lord Robertís grounds.

The Manor

There are quite a few guards so youíll have to proceed with caution! Pick a purse (+100 = 8191) from the guard that patrols near the sewer entrance then walk to the southwest end of the walkway that runs along the front of the house and collect a few broadheads from a niche in the wall. Sticking to the shadows along the outer wall, make your way to the north side of the front courtyard then walk east until you come to a ladder. Climb it to the top of the wall and duck into a small guard room where you can flip a lever that opens the gate below. Walk west along the top of the wall and jump south to the red open balcony on the house and go on in.

Objective complete!

Turn right at the bottom of the stairs, pick up a small gold hammer (+75 = 8266) thatís lying on the bench then proceed into the bunkroom. Thereís a flashbomb sitting on the table and a purse (+100 = 8366) locked in the chest. Creep quietly up the ladder onto the balcony behind the archer and pick the Second floor key from his belt. Head back past the spot where you entered the house and walk through the next room, collecting 2 gold coinstacks (+50 = 8416) from the gaming table on your way.

Turn left and walk along the hallway. Thereís a gold candlestick (+50 = 8466) sitting on a box beside the bed in the first room on the left. Turn left at the next corner, grab some moss arrows from the wall and read the note posted nearby. Youíve already got the key mentioned so use it to unlock the door and creep up the stairs to a balcony occupied by 2 archers.

Creep over to the north corner of the wooden balcony railing and flip a small lever which opens a secret door in the wall behind you. Enter, climb down the ladder and pick up the Elevator key from a low shelf. Open the chest and remove a purse (+100 = 8566) then return to the balcony.

Go back down the stairs, walk south past the top of the main staircase and turn left at the next corner. Youíll find a few broadhead arrows and a couple of mines on the shelves of the storeroom you pass on the right. Turn left at the corner and descend a short flight of stairs. Climb down the ladder at the end into the kitchen where you can fish 2 gold plates (+100 = 8666) out of the dishwater and take a healing fruit from the counter.

Enter the adjoining mess hall, take a purple goblet (+15 = 8681) from the table and in the bar area to the left, there are 3 gold goblets (+75 = 8756) and 4 gold wine bottles (+200 = 8956).

Walk back through the mess hall, out the far (N) side and turn left into a hallway. Turn right and go through the door on the left into the servantsí quarters. Pick up 2 copper coinstacks (+10 = 8966) from the dresser in the first room and in the second room, carefully reach down behind the bed and grab a gold candlestick (+50 = 9016).

Exit through the far door, walk ahead into the main foyer and take a purple vase (+100 = 9116) then continue across and out the far side into a sitting area. Here you can add a gold vase (+100 = 9216) and gold plate (+50 = 9266) to your loot bag. Beyond the sitting area is a door on the right that can be opened with a lever thatís mounted on the wall nearby.

Head through the door, turn left and walk into a very small courtyard. Turn left through a doorway, down a flight of stairs and turn right into a furnace room. Pick up a gold wine bottle (+50 = 9316) from the floor beside Benny, take the Back Gate key from his belt then climb up onto the right-hand side of the furnace and grab 2 purses (+200 = 9516) through and open window. Drop back down, leave the furnace room and walk down a few more steps. Take some moss arrows from the shelf on the left and continue on into a private garden where there are 2 purple vases (+200 = 9716) on display.

Leave through the far archway, turn left, go back through the door and into the house. Crawl through the low opening in the wall opposite the door into a storage area underneath the stairs. Descend the ladder in the middle into another section of basement.

Walk through the archway and follow the hallway east past a set of stairs that leads up to the hallway near the servantsí quarters. At the end, youíll enter a room with a couple of big turbines in the middle. Use the Elevator key on the lockbox on the wall to open the elevator door, lean in to reach the buttons on the wall inside and lower the elevator. Ride it up to Lord Robertís private rooms.

Walk ahead along the hallway. The kitchen is on the right and inside youíll be able to pick up a gold plate (+50 = 9766) from the counter, 2 green vases (+100 = 9866) that are displayed on the mantelpiece and 2 fine wine bottles (+100 = 9966) from inside one of the cupboards. Walk past the next doorway and follow the hallway round. At the end youíll find a small sitting area where you can pick up a gold goblet (+25 = 9991) and a bottle of wine (+50 = 10041). Walk back a short way then turn left into the living room. Thereís nothing of value here so keep moving. Turn left and go through the doorway south of the big fireplace. There are 2 guards on patrol up here. When you come across them, make sure you relieve one of them of his purse (+100 = 10141).

The first room on the left is the music room where there are 2 vases (+100 = 10241) resting in a small alcove. Farther on youíll walk through a guard barracks where there are a couple of flashbombs tucked away in a chest. Continue out the other end and into another hallway. The room directly opposite belongs to Lady Veronica and in here you can scoop up a necklace (+200 = 10441) that sheís carelessly left lying about.

Follow the hallway until you pass through a doorway then jog to the right and pick open the door into Lord Robertís bedroom. Take 4 jars (+80 = 10521) from the top of the bookshelves then go over to the right of his bed. Pick up a fine wine bottle (+50 = 10571) from the floor and the Special Room key from his bedside table. Thereís a gold goblet (+25 = 10596) sitting on the other bedside table so grab it too.

Now go over to the bookshelves facing the bed and look for a book you can frob. Presto! A trap door opens up in the ceiling. Rope arrow up through it and pick open the door to his treasure room. Wow! This is quite a collection! It consists of 8 gold jars (+800 = 11,196), 4 green LC tapestries (+600 = 11,796), 8 silver coinstacks (+96 = 11892), 16 gold coinstacks (+400 = 12292), 2 pair of opera glasses (+100 = 12392), 12 gold nuggets (+1200 = 13592), 6 gemstones (+600 = 14,192) and 2 jars (+40 = 14232).

Jackpot and 2 Objectives Complete!

Go out of the bedroom door, U-turn to the right and continue to the living room. Go through the doorway in the northeast corner and flip a lever on the wall to open a door out onto the balcony you were on much earlier. Walk down the stairs to the second floor, turn left and proceed south across the top of the main staircase. Turn right along the hallway and use the Special Room key to unlock the metal door on the left. Pick up a pair of opera glasses (+50 = 14282) and read the book resting on the desk. Youíll receive 2 new objectives: Discover who killed Maggie Mae and get some evidence proving it to the evidence room in the Police station. You also need to find Maggie Maeís body and leave it in Lt. Davisí office, which is also in the Police station.

Flip the lever underneath the desk to open a secret door into a small room. Take 3 bottles of wine (+150 = 14432) and 2 gold goblets (+50 = 14482) from the floor then read the scroll written by Maggie Mae and pick up the Evidence letter.

Youíre done here so leave the manor, jump into the canal and swim to the other side. Climb the ladder and turn left along the side. At the corner, turn right, then left again and go through the archway below the towers. Turn left then right alongside the ramp. Turn left, then left again at the corner and youíll be on a wooden porch youíll recognize. Step down to the street, turn left and walk down to the courtyard where poor Maggie Maeís broken body is lying. Scoop her up, walk back up the ramp, up onto the porch and retrace your steps back along the route you just followed. Once youíve gone through the archway below the towers, turn right and take the passageway that leads to the Police Station.

Climb to the second floor, drop the evidence scroll on the shelf (you may have to try it a couple of times to get it to register). Objective Complete! Now go next door into Lt. Davisí office and drop Maggie Maeís body on the floor.

Objective Complete!

The only thing left to do is leave so return to the courtyard where you began the mission and your nightís work is done.

Mission complete!

Nightwalker and Freddy Fox - 27th November 2009

Loot List

Location Item Value Total
Police Station  Evidence Room Gold torc 350 350
Gold nugget 100 450
Lt Davis' Office Green vase 50 500
In chest under stairs Gold nugget 100 600
SW of archer lookout (climb barrel) In chest Gold nugget 100 700
Building with boardwalk  Through window Purple goblet 15 715
On patrolling sword guard Purse 100 815
Gates & Co       In chest under stairs Purse 100 915
Office on bureau Indigo vase 100 1015
Strongroom     Gold coinstack x 9 225 1240
Purse 100 1350
Tapestry 150 1490
On patrolling sword guard Purse 100  1590
N of Gates  (VTH)  Open window  Tiara 125 1715
Necklace 200 1915
Pub         On gaming table Gold coinstack x 2 50 1965
Bar     Gold goblet x 2 50 2015
Fine wine x2 100 2115
Gold plate x2 100 2215
Purple goblet 15 2230
Purse in cashbox 100 2330
1st room upstairs Silver coinstack 12 2342
2nd room upstairs Jar 20 2362
3rd room upstairs Purse  100 2462
Jerry's room  (VTH)   On table   Gold coinstack x 2 50 2512
Gold nugget x 3 300 2812
Purse 100 2912
High window south of bridge (VTH) On table in cashbox Purse 100 3012
Building SW of Water Tower On table Silver coinstack x 3 36 3048
By pipes Gold nugget 100 3148
Thieves' stash N of Water Tower (VTH)   Wine x 3 150 3298
Purple goblet x 2 30 3328
Bathroom below sloping metal roof       Wine 50 3378
Gold goblet 25 3403
Passage SE of High Voltage tower   Jar x 2 40 3443
E of High Voltage tower   1st room - on armoire Purple vase 50 3493
2nd room - in footlocker Gold nugget 100 3593
Strawberry Fields guardpost On guard Purse 100 3693
Strawberry Fields (VTH)         Gold coinstacks x 8 200 3893
Gems x 2 200 4093
Tapestry x 2 300 4393
Gold nugget x 4 400 4793
Building to north Hidden room behind fireplace      Gold goblet x 4 100 4893
Purse 100 4993
Silver coinstack x 3 36 5029
Tiara 125 5154
Green vase 50 5204
Opera glasses 50 5254
 Washbasin  Gold goblet 25 5279
Gold plate 50 5329
On hall table Gold vase 100 5429
Office Green  vase 50 5479
Bedroom on dresser  Necklace 200 5679
Gold coinstack x 2 50 5729
Crayman tower  Strongroom  Gold nugget x 3 300 6029
Silver nugget x 6 300 6329
Building W of crayman tower  Low passage (up ramp) Wine x 2 100 6429
Secret room  Gold nugget x 6 600 7029
Building N of crayman tower  Through window Gold coinstack x 2 50 7079
Elevator tower Lower room Candlestick 50 7129
Windowsill N of elevator tower (VTH) In recess Purse 100 7229
Gold coinstack x 2 50 7279
Pete's room  (behind boxes)    Wine x 2 100 7379
Gold goblet x 4 100 7479
East of archer lookout  On table  Gold coinstack x 8 200 7679
Purse 100 7779
Room above transformer (VTH) On windowsill Silver coinstack 12 7791
On patrolling sword guard Purse 100 7891
Window W of plunge pool    Purple vase x 2 100 7991
Under stairs SW of cistern In chest (move boxes) Gold nugget 100 8091
Manor cellar Beside Benny Wine 50 8141
Window above Benny Purse x 2 200 8341
Manor ground floor Garden room Indigo vase x 2 200 8541
Entrance hall Indigo vase 100 8641
Bunk room Candlestick 50 8691
Copper coinstack x 2 10 8701
Mess hall Purple goblet 15 8716
Kitchen, in sink Gold plates x 2 100 8816
Gold goblets x 3 75 8891
Wine x 4 200 9091
Sitting room Gold plate 50 9141
Gold vase 100 9241
Manor middle floor W bunkroom, in footlocker Purse 100 9341
Next room, on bench Gold hammer 75 9416
Gaming room, on table Gold coinstack x 2 50 9466
N bunkroom Candlestick 50 9516
Under stairs to NE lookout post Purse (in chest) 100 9616
Manor top floor Kitchen - on sink Gold plate  50 9666
             - mantelpiece Green vase x 2  100 9766
             - cupboard Wine x 2 100 9866
Windowsill facing music room Gold goblet 25 9891
Wine 50 9941
Music room (near window) Green vase x 2 100 10041
Lady Veronica's room Necklace 200 10241
On patrolling sword guard Purse 100 10341
Lord Robert's room Gold goblet 25 10366
Wine 50 10416
Jar x 4 80 10496
Lord Robert's stash Gold jar x 8 600 11096
Tapestry x 4 600 11696
Silver coinstack x 8 96 11792
Gold coinstack x 16 400 12192
Opera glasses x 2 100 12292
Gold nugget x 12 1200 13492
Gemstone x 6 600 14092
Jar x 2 40 14132
Manor middle floor Special room Opera glasses 50 14182
Cell Wine x 3 150 14332
Gold goblet x 2 50 14382
Manor front entrance Patrolling sword guard Purse 100 14482
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