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Autumn In Lampfire Hills

Autumn in Lampfire Hills

(c1999 by Purah) Expert Walkthrough By Ponterbee

CHAPTER ONE: Trick Or Treating


Life's been good for Garrett. He now owns a cozy cottage in the peaceful town of Lampfire Hills, enough loot to consider retirement, and his own personal rent-a-cop patrolling outside. You begin the mission on Halloween night after doing a little grocery shopping at the loadout screen (Buy plenty of apples for the kiddies!). You're on the balcony of your cottage & you can hear your guard humming from the ground below. After entering the door behind you, use your Cottage Key on the chest and grab Constantine's Sword. Descend the ladder and find your desk to collect 4 rope arrows, 10 broad arrows, a healing potion, a breath potion, blackjack, lockpicks, and your journal. Read it. And so! It's Halloween night, there's a mysterious lock on the side of your house, and a psychic lives next door. Nothing creepy SO far...Go into the kitchen and grab your hidden fire arrow out of the flames inside the fireplace. You can enter it and climb the ladder to admire the view from up high but be careful not to fall off the roof to a premature death. You can roof-dive into the well out back from here but if you're not auditioning for "Jackass" just use the Cottage Key on the back door. Grab the pack of 12 water arrows from the bottom. After getting out of the well you can see the strange lock & lever you wrote about. After you're through checking out your property bundle up warm, say good night to Shaft, read the public notice next to him, and head on into Lampfire Hills.

The Psychic's House


(NOTE: If you get into trouble from here on out you can run back to the cottage, lock the doors, and let your bodyguard fight for you then wait till it gets quiet before continuing your quest)

On your right is the psychic Seville's home complete with smiling Jack-O-Lantern. Since he's on your to-do list we'll go here first. The front door is sealed shut, so we'll need to find another way in. Go down the stairs & hide in the shadows. There's one stationary guard and two that patrol right past you. You can wait for them to go by and blackjack them, if you're so inclined, then dump their bodies under the steps. When he's looking the other way, run up behind the stationary guard & take his purse (1X100 : 100 total) then smack him with the blackjack. If you waited for the 2 on-patrol officers and took care of them then you're pretty safe for the moment. Remove his body from view and head north from the stairs. Be careful passing the threshhold if you're not leaving a trail of bodies behind you...there's a tile of metal. A good rule of thumb is always move slowly when entering rooms around here. Most door frames are of the metallic nature. You'll be in an area with 2 generators with balls of light atop each of them and a ladder straight ahead on the east wall. Climb it and frob the lever. You'll come in to Seville the Psychic's main room where he does his palm readings and such. There's a lever on the side of the small shelf that opens/closes the hatch you just entered. On the desk is a scroll left just for you. Read it and DON'T throw it away! This psychic is no Miss Cleo...he's for real. Slash the planetary banner behind the chair to reveal Seville's bedroom. Crawl into it so you don't burn your scalp on the radioactive blue stuff. Grab the painting by the bed and toss it away. Pick the wall safe after disregarding Seville's second warning and take the Psychic's key and stack of silver pieces (1X12 : 112 total). Ignore the empty chest & leave.

Calendra's Legacy


You'll see why I call this next bit Calendra's Legacy momentarily. Descend the ladder and carefully go west past the generators. I say carefully because there's another guard patrolling the north tunnel and he might be close by. You can hide in the shadows in a corner by the Hammer Shrine that's to the west a bit more and when he turns back in the tunnel you can go KO him. Pass the white double-doors for now and continue north. You'll quickly come to a short bridge spanning a canal.

NOTE: It is from this point that you begin Act 1 of "Calendra's Legacy". The architecture gets a major facelift but it's exact on all other points. If you save the game here and load up CL you'll get a great perspective of the map in your mind.

Anyway, back to the present state of affairs. Hop in the water and get out on the other side via the short stoop by the left house. Climb the hard-to-see ladder to the roof and get onto the chimney. There's a narrow ledge halfway down the chimney you can land on so you can douse the flame with a water arrow. Fall the rest of the way and quietly take the vase from the mantle (1X100 : 212 total). There's a key on the floor in front of the bookcase that will open the front door. the lady of the house will rouse but won't get up so long as you stay hidden and leave quietly. When you exit, go back across the bridge to the double-doors. This is a matter of preference but I always pick the locks on these doors. For one, I have a quick escape route if things go pathetically wrong later and for another, I have a chance to pick a pocket or two that are nigh impossible otherwise. These doors open into a church and 3 Hammers are inside. When you pick the locks one of them may get wise and try to get out. If it's the guard with the key, you can pickpocket it, even if he's seen you. A good strategy is to run home and hide in your cottage while your pet thief tends to him.

The Grocery Store


Regardless of what you do, head south past the Hammer Shrine until you come to Beak's Grocery on the right. Go across the street to a shack. Pick the lock and enter to collect 3 silver coin stacks (3X12 : 248 total). Go back to the grocery store and pick one of the doors. Inside are 2 healing fruit on a barrel and gold (5X25 : 373 total) in a locked cashbox on the back counter. Don't go up the ladder. The grocer is some kind of ninja and will destroy you. We'll get in another way. Exit the store and continue south. You'll shortly see a Jack-O-Lantern with a wide open mouth. Take a left and enter the building with stairs going up. Another stationary guard. You can take his purse (1X100 : 473 total) when his back is turned. Then when he turns to face left you can blackjack him. On the right is a locked door you can pick but there's nothing inside but used furniture. Go across the bridge to another locked door and pick it. Here's the grocer's bedroom. This guy is a real piece of work so just dart into the hallway and grab the candlestick (1X50 : 523 total) then hop down the hole into the main grocery you burgled earlier. You should go hide under the stairs in the east, where you were earlier, because if Beak got out of bed he'll be actively searching for you and will be here soon with his Fist Of Death. When it's safe, go back to the Jack-O-Lantern with the wide open mouth.

The Library


Take a right this time and you'll come to the Keeper's Library, which is also in your journal as things to do. Go inside and climb the stairs, staying in the darkness. When the guard positioned up here is facing the other way you have to QUICKLY run & blackjack him because he's quite alert for someone forced to stake out a library. Dump him below behind the stairs where there's a tremendous box collection (probably more leftover copies of E.T. for the Atari 2600). Pick the library door and go inside. There's a frobbable book on the left just ahead a bit in the light. Take it. This is what you were looking for. Read it carefully. If you put 2 and 2 together you get more than just 4. You get that this alchemist fellow was the previous owner of your cottage and there's something hidden in the Hammer Shrine. If you are inclined to, you can KO the wandering Conan the Librarian but leave Benny alone. Someone has to take the blame for all the carnage you've been causing and it may as well be him. From behind Benny you can lean forward and grab the papyrus which has some info on the lost Keeper Medallions you need to collect. the other book you can read mentions an undead that cannot be destroyed...The same type of horror mentioned on page 3 of the psychic's prophecy. The locked doors open onto a terrace that overlooks the area you entered the library from. Exit the library the way you came in and take a left.

The Candle Shop


After you pass the archway turn around and shoot a rope arrow in the wooden part to the left of the upper trellis. Climb up and hop onto the balcony. This is the Succubus Kiss Candle & Oil shop. Make your entrance and open the door on your left. The woman inside will stir and may ask if you're Kevil but just crawl quietly up to her and remove her purse (1X100 : 623 total). Leave and close the door behind you. Out front on the counter are a bunch of healing potions but you can only take two so grab them. Then take the 2 candlesticks (2X50 : 723 total) and pick the cashbox for a stack of gold (1X25 : 748 total). Behind the counter on the shelf are 2 breath potions. When you're done go down the stairs and frob the lever on the wall to open the front gate. Exit the candle shop and go across the street.

The Brimstone Inn


Enter the inn but don't cause any trouble. There's thief in here who'll end your adventure in a heartbeat. Nonchalantly take the 2 fine wines behind the counter (2X50 : 848 total) and then go stand by the barrel behind the thief. Wait a few moments till the Hammer acolyte starts chanting and the thief forgets about you and then you can pickpocket his purse (1X100 : 948 total). Go upstairs but ignore the first room unless you really need the blanket inside the tenants chest. Go up the next set of stairs and pick the lock of the upper room. This is the thief's room. Grab the 2 stacks of copper (2X5 : 958 total), the 2 stacks of silver (2X12 : 982 total) and stack of gold (1X25 : 1007 total). Read the papyrus under the end table. Very useful information on getting into Alarus' house. We'll be going there very soon but there's one more important shop to rob. Leave the room by the nearby door.

The Weapon Shop


From here turn right. You'll see a very large clock with a small wooden beam at the top of it. Shoot a rope arrow into it then run and jump to it. This CAN be tricky but I've found the best way to connect safely is to look straight down (with the mouse) as you touch the rope and you'll be fine. Hop to the ledge of the building on the right and collect your rope arrow (you may need to lean forward). Follow the ledge around to an opening into the attic of the weapon shop. Douse the torch at the bottom of the stairs and quickly...yet quietly... get to the safety of the darkness under the steps. The sleeping Hammer is Braeman Gyves and he knows magic so don't make him get up. He will start talking but as long as he's in bed you're alright. When he starts snoring again you can make your approach. From the foot of the bed you can lean forward and pickpocket his purse (1X100 : 1107 total). Now here's the problem...as soon as you come into the light, Graeman will be on you so you need to take him out. You need to move closer to the bed while moving closer to the wall on your left to remain hidden. Every step you make closer try leaning forward and swinging your blackjack. If you're having too much trouble there IS a bug you can manipulate but that is considered cheating. If you just don't have the heart to shoot an arrow into him then try it. From right near the stairs have the wall banner be on your right and do a side-slash to cut it down. Braeman will get up and start yelling but once he reaches the banner he will turn right around, go to the bed, and start snoring. You can now easily walk up, pickpocket him, and whack him with the BJ. However you handle him, make sure to take from his nightstand a ring (1X100 : 1207 total), and 3 stacks of gold (3X25 : 1282 total). Enter the weapon shop's main room and from the table take 2 packs of rope arrows (3 in each) and a pack of 3 gas arrows. Next grab the key that opens the 2 treasure chests. One has 25 broad arrows and the other holds 3 noisemaker arrows and 2 silver coin stacks (2X12 : 1306 total). Pull the lever in here to open the front door and blackjack the guard out front when you have the opportunity. Bring his body inside to keep Braeman company.

Alarus House


From the weapon shop's front door you can go right and see the well guarded front door of Alarus' house and a well nearby under the lights. We'll be coming back to this well in a bit so remember it's location. Go back to the weapon shop and go left this time. On your right you'll come to the back area of Alarus' house mentioned in the thief's journal from back at the inn (If you were to keep going straight you would come to another well that simply leads back to the canal you were at in the Calendra's Legacy section.) Go up the short stairs and toss aside the boxes and you'll see the lever that opens the secret passage to Alarus' basement. When you climb down, you may see another lever on the left wall in the corner. This does NOT lead to an extension in his basement to a bow upgrade---it only opens/closes the hatch you just opened in case you lock yourself in. Go to the back wall to the wine casks and take the fine wine (1X50 : 1356) and the cache of 5 moss arrows. As you climb the cellar stairs, take the vase next to the flickering candle (1X100 : 1456). Shoot 2 of your new moss arrows leading to the guard by the front door and rush up to him (mildly alerting the maid in the back kitchen in the process). Take his key before blackjacking him. The switch behind him turns on all the lights in the house. Creep slowly to that back kitchen. If you want to pickpocket her, douse the fire with a water arrow before sliding into the darkness to the right. She won't see you if you're careful. From here you can take her key and lean forward to grab 2 gold candlesticks (2X50 : 1556 total). Leave the room and go to the door on the left. Pick the chest open to get some gold (1X25 : 1581 total). Go next door to the bedroom to get a gold candlestick in another chest (1X50 : 1631 total). Now go upstairs. Be cautious as an outside guard might see you as you turn onto the staircase. Use Alarus' Key on the door to the right. You can get the stuff in here without Alarus getting up by creeping along the south side of the room. He'll rouse and call out "Hello? Helloooo?" but shouldn't actually get out of bed. Once you get the purse from the chest (1X100 : 1731), the purse on the table (1X100 : 1831) the 4 stacks of gold (4X25 : 1931 total), and the Dagger, leave quietly and he'll go back to snoring again. Leave the house the same way you came in- through the wine cellar. There's nothing worth getting out front except a beating from the guards.

The Hammer Shrine Church


Remember that well to the right of the weapon shop? Get to it and hop in. The guards in front of the Alarus House will be very agitated towards you but ignore them. Get the water arrows at the well's bottom. Follow the underwater tunnel until you can surface. The tunnel keeps going but don't follow it right now. There's a ladder in the north, but that's too dangerous right now so go to where the caskets are. Between the 2nd and 3rd caskets near the floor is a lever. Frob it then climb the ladder behind you through the hole in the ceiling you just opened. You can hop off the ladder and land near the desk without making any noise and you're hidden in the darkness. Grab the gold candlesticks on said desk (2X50 : 2031 total). Inside the church are 3 Hammers (maybe 2 depending on what you did earlier). If you took the Church Key and the front doors are open you could, if you've nerves of steel, lead the Hammers on a merry chase then double back here and lock them out. If you just HAVE to pickpocket the faraway stationary Hammer's purse then kiss your water and moss arrows goodbye and circumvent the church counter-clockwise. By far the easiest way to deal with everybody is to KO the Hammer in front of you then shoot a noisemaker arrow away from the other two. When they go to investigate together pop them both out with a single gas arrow. Whatever you choose to do, get that one Hammer's purse (1X100 : 2131) then get the middle hammer on the altar (1X75 : 2206). Down the hall get the vase on the table (1X50 : 2256). Enter the room on the right. The only way to put down the Hammer mage sleeping within is with a gas arrow. If you were to shoot a broad arrow at him it would freeze in mid-air. Some might call this a glitch. I call it a Circle Of Protection 5' Radius. You can't blackjack him because he wakes up as soon as you enter the light and you can't reach him from the other side of the bed. Thankfully you don't have to deal with him at all. Crawl up to his treasure chest and pick the lock to get a silver nugget (1X50 : 2306). Don't beat yourself up wondering what the switch on the other side of the dresser does. It just opens/closes the hatch you already opened to get into the church (You'd have to frob it twice to close that hatch again since it's already open). Close the door when you leave. In the next room, knock out the acolyte quickly. You can pick the holy water from him easily from the darkness of the doorframe first, but he'll see you if you go inside to gather the silver nugget on the floor between the 2nd and 3rd bunk-bed (1X100 : 2406). The three chests hold rosary beads. Leave the church the way you came...through the hole in the floor. NOTE: There may be a slight discrepancy in the loot amounts in this area but the total should still be the same : 2406



The Abandoned Factory


Go back into the water by the caskets and follow the tunnel the rest of the way. Have the Psychic's Key ready to use so you don't fumble into your pockets while you gasp for air. The gate at the end opens with this key. Go down then up to find the surface. I call this underground area the Abandoned Factory, though it may be something else. Mantle up into the drainage chute and kill the spider with a broad arrow. It'd have to cross water to get to you so you're safe. Activate the generator behind it's corpse to open a large hatch up the stairs to your right. We'll be going in there in a bit. For right now, as a sight-seeing note, hop back in the water and go through the hole in the wall. You'll come up in a dark area. Mantle up and read the plaque on the floor. At the end of the hall is a room we're going to get to another way. If you hit the switch on the left wall, the floor will drop away and you'll be led to a room where fire arrows shoot from the wall. This is just a spot of interest because you'll be going to BOTH those areas...just not from here. Swim back to the other area, with the dead spider, and go down the slanting tunnel (to the right of the stairs). BTW- There's nothing under those stairs. I managed to actually GET under them by leaning & crouching and got stuck and had to reload. Just dust bunnies and cobwebs, I assure you. And a bow-upgrade. Follow the slanting tunnel and eventually you'll turn right and see a zombie lying on the ground ahead of you. Just run up and over it and he'll just grunt. Take the west path then go right...then left...to a water filled room. Get the silver nugget on the floor of the pool (1X100: 2506 total). Go back to the zombie's room and mantle up onto the tall well on your right. Jump in the water and quickly swim through the tunnel and surface. There's a BIG spider in here but if you climb out on the west side, you can get into the shadows quick and the beast will be ahead of you. Shoot an arrow into it. Go into the room with bones. This is the room the corridor with the plaque on the floor led to. You can actually get back on that path by stacking boulders in the NW corner. Go into the abandoned library. Pick up the Keeper Medallions and pick the lockbox for some gold (4X100 : 2906 total). Read the book. As I just said, you can make some stairs with the rubble to get back to the spider room, or if it's too much trouble, you can just go back the way we came from (swim through the tunnel, run past the zombie, then follow the path to the slanting passage). When you're reunited with the dead baby spider, go up the steps through the hatch into a generator shed. Use the Psychic's Key on the door to exit. There's the good ol' Keeper Library on your left.

The Hammer Shrine


OK...You need to get back to the Hammer Shrine now. It's to the right of Beak's Grocery in the main area with the gong. Go to the right side of the Shrine and shoot a rope arrow up to the wooden beam by a large window. Turn the gamma way up (with the "+/=" key) if you can't locate it. Climb up & jump into the window. Look down and you'll see a Hammer. Knock him out with a gas arrow. You should have one left but you won't need it. Collect your rope arrow and shoot it into the high wood beam in the shrine. Jump to it and hop off diagonally left so you don't overshoot the walkway and fall face first on the floor. Get your rope arrow back and shoot it into the next high wooden beam over. Jump to it and clamber on up to a hidden switch the beam partially conceals. Frob it and a door will open up in the wall. Lower yourself a ways before jumping in there. Read the book and take Sorrack's Key. So THIS is the guy who used to own your cottage. Died up in this belfry, turned into a walking horror, and is now haunting some place under your home. Wonder if it's too late for a refund.... Grab his empty wine glass (1X25 : 2931), and the purse (1X100 : 3031 total). Exit the secret room, get your rope arrow, and grab the holy water by the fountain. Time to go home and try out this key... (NOTE: The banner to the left of the fountain can be slashed revealing the ladder leading down to the area with the caskets under the church.)

The Underground City


When you're home again give your guard a big sloppy wet kiss hello then go to the lock on the side of the house. The key fits perfectly. A door opened...I traced the sound and it's coming from INSIDE THE HOUSE. The fireplace to be exact. Douse the fire if you haven't already, and climb up the ladder within. There's a note. This Sorrack fellow is evil, indestuctable, pissed off, and waiting for you below. Jump through the hatch and fall...fall...fall...fall to the water below. When you submerge you'll see a passage to the left, which is the exit out of here, and a low tunnel to the right, which is where you're heading. When you break out of the water, climb out and get into the shadows. Sorrack is patrolling about and so is his 'little friend'. A mega- zombie that takes from 4 to 5 holy water arrows to kill. Do so. just don't let Sorrack SEE you do it. Also, put out the torches around here. One around the corner, the other by the entrance to the altar room, the 3rd at the top of the stairs. While at the top of the stairs, go around the other side of the pillars and read the poor thief's note and take his purse (1X100 : 3131 total). Beware the fire arrows as you hit the small switch atop the easternmost pillar, facing the wall. Two hidden doors open. On the west, an entrance into the fire-arrow room you could have gotten to if you had hit the wall switch by the plaque on the ground...To the north, a small passageway leading to the rafters in the altar room. (NOTE: In the fire-arrow room, a button is near the ground behind a boulder in a dark corner. This opens the entrance leading to the area you're in right now...useful only if coming here the other way).

Go through that north tunnel and shoot a rope arrow into one of the rafters and descend once Sorrack is gone. There's plenty of shadows in the NE corner. When it's safe, go up to the skeleton king and retrieve his crown (1X125 : 3256), necklace (1X 200 : 3456), and ring (1X100 : 3556). Have your rope arrows ready when Sorrack leaves again. This time follow him out. Look up and you'll see 3 floating treasure chests. Shoot a rope arrow between the 2 by the north wooden beam. Shoot another by the chest near the stairs. Get to the stairs and jump to the first rope and use Sorrack's Key on the chest for a purse (1X100 : 3656 total). Climb the rope higher before jumping to the second rope. From there, open the next 2 chests. One has The Forbidden Book Of Levitation and the other holds another purse (1X100 : 3756). You need to get on the ropes this way (from the stairs) because the ropes are a bit too high to get to from the floor. It's possible, but you'll alert Sorrack trying.

Go to the area below the stairs. You'll see a treacherous hallway. Don't cross it trying to jump platform to platform. Instead shoot 4 or 5 rope arrows into the ceiling, the first close to the other side, then raising your trajectory bringing them closer to you. Save your game before shooting the first one in case it goes too far.

Jump from rope to rope till your safe on the other side. Grab the gold statues (6X75 : 4206 total). This is all the loot in the game, though the stat screen shows 4906. Go around the corner and shoot a broad arrow to activate the mine on the pillar. get your water arrows ready as you jump onto it. A door will swing open on the other side of the room and a fire elemental will peek out and start spitting fireballs at you. Take IT out before it takes YOU out. Use healing if needed. Now get off the platform, keeping away from the poison trap(s) you activated. You need to weigh down the pillar so start emptying out your inventory. I used the Alarus' Keys, Psychic's Prophecy, Church keys, the note from the thief, the warning from Sorrack, and another scroll or two. Hop over the spitting poison traps to the coffin behind the door. Get the Bejewelled Sword, and the water & fire arrows if you really need them. Now it's just time to leave. Save your game here. Don't try to hop over this first poison trap- just run through it and eat a healing fruit. Jump over the next one, though, then get across the chasm using the rope arrows. Get past Sorrack and dive into the water, heading for the high passage that will be on your right. Have your compass out so you only have to go to the next item over to use a Breath Potion. When you get to the top, there will be a lever nearby on the wall. Frob it, and you can enter your very own well in your backyard. Home sweet home!

Thanks go out to Purah for creating this mission, and to Ben Waters who fixed my computer so I can play Thief again. A big hello to all the folks at the TTLG forums. Coming soon- my walkthrough's for Geller's Pride (100% complete), Rowena's Curse (50% complete) and Events In Highrock (3% complete). All will be for Expert difficulty.

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