[[ Taffers Paradise

Lingering Whispers

Lingering Whispers


  • • Find a centerpiece in the vault.
  • • Loot Goal: 1500 (Normal), 2000 (Hard), 2500 (Expert)
  • • When finished, return to where you started.
  • • Find some jewelry in the catacombs. (Hard, Expert, Optional on Normal)
  • • Steal the Tear of Maw. (Hard, Expert, Optional on Normal)
  • • Retrieve the Amulet of Inspiration. (Expert, Optional on Normal & Hard)
  • • Take the Goblet of Balance. (Expert, Optional on Normal & Hard)
  • • Bonus: Steal every piece of loot in the warehouse

Expert Walkthrough by Ricebug Thanks to ScaryKitties for getting me through it all.


Although this walkthrough provides a more detailed map of the warehouse area, the in-game map will make this walkthrough easier to digest. I’ve deliberately skipped the bonus objective, Locate every aspect of the Mask, since frobbing them teleports you to various locations, making the walkthrough impossible.

Starting Out

1. On the load-out screen, I’d recommend getting 2 flash bombs and 2 water arrows.

2. Mantle up onto the crates, get to the South side, and take the two broadheads stuck in the crate. Return to the floor and enter the double doors.

Entrance Offices

3. Go right into the fireplace room, taking the two coinstacks on the table and the goblet behind the bar, behind the bottles (Loot total: 25). Cross the hall to the Warden’s Office and read the stuff laying about. Take note of the golden inbox, as you’ll need this later on.

4. Exit this room, going left and up the stairs. Take the goblet on the fireplace mantle and two more goblets on the nightstand in the adjacent bedroom. (Loot total: 70) Scoop up the noisemakers and the flares on the coffee table and head back downstairs.


Leave doors open to help keep track of what rooms you’ve already visited

Alpha Warehouse

5. Go through the double doors to your left and enter the alpha warehouse. Go all the way to the South wall and look for a purse on the floor next to one of the vertical beams. (Loot total: 95) This is the only loot in this warehouse, so don’t bother climbing around on the crates looking for more.

“B” Offices

6. Go to the West wall, through a metal door. Inside this tiny hall you’ll find the Baker’s and the Jeweler’s. Grab the purse from the top shelf in the baker’s room (Loot total: 145). Go next door to the jeweler’s and take the ring in the vise and the two statuettes on the small bookshelf. (Loot total: 185)

“A” Offices

7. Refer to the in-game map and make your way to the door to enter the “A” office area. Enter the Primary Water Works office. Take the small hammer on the floor. (Loot total: 210) Frob the Primary Water Pressure Control Valve.

8. Pick the door to the Office of Repair next door. There’s some loot in here, but I want to show you an alternate method of getting it. Go back out into the warehouse and continue down the West wall, going around the crates as you go.

“C” Offices

9. Go to the Southeastern corner of the warehouse and pick the other metal door. Cross the short hallway and cross the room to enter the Undertaker’s Office. Take the bottle of fine wine from the top shelf. (Loot total: 235) Behind the chair is a vial of holy water , necessary to complete one of the objectives.

10. Enter the Apothecary and snag the goblet on the top shelf. (Loot total: 250) Since you can’t use the chemistry set yet, leave and enter the Architect’s Office.

11. In the Architect’s Office, take the plant vase, the goblet on the floor, and the bag of spice tucked into the ceiling. (Loot total: 300) Move the three crates and open the floor panel beneath them. Do a hard save and get ready to enter the mines.

The Mines (1 st Pass)

12. Refer to the map above and then call up your compass. Grab the red explosive barrel to your East (behind the Mechanist zombie lying on the ground) and carry it to the blue dot to the Northwest. You can avoid waking the zombie by sticking close to the left wall.

13. Set the barrel by the ‘X’ and set it off using a flare (or you can throw it). Grab one chunk of the copper ore. Three chunks are provided, but you only need one.

Having the copper or tin ore in your inventory is like carrying a body around—you’re slowed down! Look for an explosive barrel, pick it up, then set it down. You should now be able to move at normal speed

14. Move West, looking for a pulsing light. Near here is a map. Also grab the two water crystals in the puddle on the floor.

15. Go toward the pulsing light—you’ll see a brick wall—and take the left stairs. It’s the one marked on the map above as going to the Warehouse.

16. Turn the corner and you’ll see a metal door that has been boarded up. Lockpick the door and then chop down the boards.

17. Take the Goblet of Yang from the altar. The bowl with the particles coming from it is a healing font. Slash the banner and grab the small hammer. (Loot total: 350) Jump up and grab another golden hammer from the rafters. (Loot total: 375)


Take Brother Arnold’s skull and keep it in your inventory. If you use it BEFORE disposing of Arnold’s letter, it will spawn a ghost haunt, which will immediately attack you. Using it AFTER you dispose of the letter will cause the haunt to fight your enemies.

18. Read Arnold’s last words and then toss the scroll aside. Return to the stairs and cross over to go up the opposite stairs (“A” on the map above).

19. Halfway up the stairs you’ll see a red button on your right (it’s at knee-level). Push it to open a secret door into the Office of Repair.

20. If you look inside the office, you’ll notice that Karras’s portrait has moved, revealing three coinstacks. (Loot total: 411) The alternative method of getting this loot is to slash one of the Mechanist banners to reveal a button. Enter back into the warehouse and go straight across (East) to the metal door.

“D” Offices

21. Grab the wine from the table near the plate of apples and the coin under the desk. (Loot total: 431) Turn out the light, exit the door, and KO the drunk guard.

22. Enter the Taxidermist’s Office and clean it out. Make sure you take Kevin’s Letter from the shelf. There’s a secret door if you stand on the lighter colored floor.

23. Cross over to the Vintner’s (Wine Maker’s) and take the two goblets (look on the floor for one) and the two fine wines from the rack. (Loot total: 521)

24. Exit the wine maker’s and go left, entering the Toy Maker’s Office. (You may want to do a quick-save at this point.) Take the toy robot, the 5 pieces of another toy, and the mech angel on the shelf. (Loot total: 586) 1

25. Exit and cross over to the Actress’s Office. Up in the ceiling is a purse. Break the glass case and take the goblets. (Loot total: 736) On the left side of the bookcase is a button, which will reveal secret #1.

Secret #1: Found in the Actress’s apartment

26. Take the goblets, wine and the ring on the floor. (Loot total: 891)

27. Return to the other room and look on the floor. You’ll see a square that’s a shade lighter. Stand on this and you’ll open a secret passage to the mines.

1 Make sure you check behind the book on the shelf to get the last toy piece

28. Again, refer to the map above to get your bearings. Travel down the length of this hallway until you see the missing wall. Inside, is a jumble of furniture, revealing some kind of trouble has taken place. Enter this room by pushing against the crate. Grab Arnold’s Letter from under the overturned desk. Also get the flash mine and silver coinstack from the shelves. (Loot total: 903) Pick the door and cross over to Brother Micah’s office.

29. Take the purse and candlestick from Brother Micah’s office. (Loot total: 1028)

Back to the Mines

30. Since you can’t open the doors in the adjacent hall, return to Brother Arnold’s office, enter the secret hallway, and find the stairs leading down into the mines.

31. Referring to the map, find another explosive barrel, detonate one of the other walls marked with an ‘X’, and grab the tin ore.

32. Use the map to now collect the gold nuggets and gems from five mine carts. The total loot on these carts equals 300, bringing your loot total to 1253. You can’t get the gems in the overturned mine cart, so find the burrick tunnel on the map (marked with an ‘X’), and blow it open.

33. If you turn North, you’ll be staring down a tunnel. Instead, go up the incline to the left of this tunnel and crouch. Turn East. Leap across. Now take the tunnel going up (East). You should now be facing the overturned coal cart, which has three gems on it.

34. If you’ve somehow used the available explosive barrels in the mine, find the ladder leading up to the Architect’s Office (“F” on the map above). Exit the architect’s, crossing over to the room with the barred metal door. Grab a red barrel and head back to the mines.


There’s a wall in this room that can be destroyed with an explosive barrel that will give you access to Warehouse Beta.

35. When you enter the tunnels, go right, and then right again. You should see a baby burrick. Grab the coin and two arrows. (Loot Total: 1273)

36. Turn North, but instead of heading down the center tunnel, go to the LEFT of the tunnel. Crouch and then turn East. Drop down and then go up the sloping tunnel (East). You should eventually come out to the mines, this time, facing the overturned cart. Snag the 3 gems.

(Loot Total: 1348)
Make sure you grab an explosive barrel and throw it over the cart—you may need it later on.

background image

3 gold nuggets on mine cart
(note 'X' on wall)

background image

1 gold nugget, 1 gemstone on mine
cart(note 'X' on wall)

background image

1 gold nugget (note zombie
and lantern on right)

background image

3 gemstones on overturned cart.
(Must go through burrick tunnels
to get these)

background image

1 gemstone (near East end)

background image

2 gemstones (near zombie and lantern)

37. You can explore the burrick tunnels if you want, but you don’t have some certain items that you need. Instead, head back to the mines. Go to the East end of the mines, but go South and look for a hole in the ground. Drop down into this hole.

The Amulet of Inspiration

38. Wind your way around the chapel area until you find the sanctuary. Use your moss arrows to dampen the sound, as the ghost demons are patrolling here. Face the West wall and locate a small button on the pillar to the right of the large mech angel. Fire a broadhead to find secret #2. Face the altar and see that the small door (‘B’ in the screenshot below) is now open. Take

background image

The loot in the moneybox. (Loot Total: 1418)

39. Also note that the Warehouse Key is laying on the floor (‘A’ with arrow pointing down)

background image

40. The book on the altar mentions anointing the gear with divine water. Call up your holy water (found in the Undertaker’s Office) and splash the rotating gear on the stage. Another secret door will open up (‘C’ in the screenshot). Take the Amulet of Inspiration (Loot Total: 1543). Objective Complete!

41. Don’t forget to grab the 3 gold candlesticks from the altar (one is behind the turning gear). (Loot Total: 1618)

The Mechanist Quarters (Upstairs)

42. Go to the East end of the chapel and take the stairs up. At the top of the stairs enter the double doors on your left, using the newly found Warehouse Key. On the pedestal is a book with The Parable of the Smith. This contains important clues as to a series of numbers you’ll need later on.

43. Go South and up the ramps of the small library. Mantle up onto one of the bookcases and snag the tapestry. (Loot Total: 1593). Return to the pedestal where you read the book and face the opposite direction. You’ll see a frobbable book in the case to the West. Exit the library, turn left and note the secret door you’ve just opened (Secret #3). Read the letter on the floor and then take the Woodsman’s Sap. 2

44. Exit the secret room and cross the hall to the other door.

background image

Secret #3: Frob the book, exit these doors, and turn left.

this room take the mech angel above the fireplace. (Loot Total: 1683) In the hope chest you’ll find the Cup of Yin.


Two flash bombs (3 available on Expert) will kill the red-eyed ghost demons. Try to get two demons together to maximize their use.

45. Exit this room and turn SW, toward a small hallway. Enter the silver door on the left. Take the coinstack from the desk and the gear from the top of the bookshelf. (Loot Total: 1724) Don’t forget to also snatch the precious flash bomb from the opposite shelf. The book on the desk describes how to use the copper and tin to manufacture a bronze gear. In the wastebasket you’ll find Wilheim’s Letter. Reading it will offer up a new, optional objective:

• Raid the vault’s hidden compartment.

46. Exit this room and cross over to the opposite room. (Remember that the blue warehouse key opens most of these doors now.) Take the goblet from the top of the bookshelf (Loot Total: 1739). Read the book on the desk, which describes what to do with the two goblets, Yin and Yang.

47. Exit this hall (the other door leads to a warehouse), turning right to go up the stairs. Use moss arrows here or the ghost demons will be alerted.

48. You’ll be in a metal hallway with windows on the floor. At the second window, you’ll see a small wall safe on the right wall. Empty the contents of the safe. (Loot Total: 1838)

49. If you go up the stairs, you’ll find the bronze gearbox that controls the vault (seen through the window). You need to make a gear to open it, so descend the stairs and turn right. Take the elevator down and exit through the metal door into the Beta Warehouse.

Beta Warehouse

50. Climb the crates until you find one at the top with the lid missing. Drop down into it (there are some electrical components here) and grab two pieces of loot behind the coil transformers. (Loot Total: 1868) Climb out and notice the wooden beam running in a North- South direction. There’s a purse laying on top of it. (Loot Total: 1888)

51. Turn North and drop down to the next lower crate. Turn around and remove the brick to get the purse inside. (Loot Total: 1918)

52. Drop down into the “hole” formed by the surrounding crates. You’ll see a broken statue. Grab the silver nugget inside. (Loot Total: 1933) There’s also a coinstack wedged between the crate that’s turned at an angle. (Loot Total: 1938)

53. Mantle out of this hole and drop down into the warehouse. You will trigger a vision. Pick up the mask on the floor when it finishes. (Loot Total: 1988)

54. Turn NE and examine the large vine to get a vine arrow. Now face the stacked crates (South) and put the vine arrow just below the top-most crate—the one with the open sides. Climb, retrieve the vine, and put it into the ceiling. Climb into the next highest crate and take the LC jar. (Loot Total: 2003)

55. Retrieve your vine and return to the warehouse floor. On the floor you’ll see a crate lid that’s been pried off. (East side) Sprinkled around and on this lid are five coins. (Loot Total: 2028)

56. Enter the door to your East and cross the hall, entering the silver door. There’s a healing potion and a mine in the two footlockers. There’s also a flare between the two bunks.

Powering Up the Door Control System

57. Head back down to the cathedral area. We could have done this the first time we were here, but I wanted to do a thorough loot cleanup.

58. Face the rear of the church (West). On either side is a hallway. Take one of the halls to the back and you’ll enter the generator power room.

59. You cannot open the hatch, marked ‘A’ in the screenshot to the left. This is because you turned on the water earlier. You can still get the 3 coinstacks (we got one earlier on in the game) by entering the Beta Warehouse and finding the blue combat bot in the crate next to the door marked, Offices of Foreman and Assistant. Use a mine to destroy the bot and you can then get to the loot. (Loot Total: 2097

60. Push the button marked ‘B’ in the pic above. Wait for a few seconds and you’ll see some lights come on. Once they do, throw the jumper switch (“C”). You now have power to the door control system. (The jumper switch won’t frob until the lights come on.) An air crystal will also appear on the boiler’s pressure whistle.

background image

61. Return to the door in the Beta Warehouse marked Offices of Foreman and Assistant. (Upstairs and through the West door.) As soon as you enter, turn right and press against the door. It will open, revealing an elevator. Go up and wind around until you see the pitcher plant. You can destroy the pitcher plant with a mine, or, you can go find a red barrel. (Remember I advised earlier to toss an explosive barrel over the overturned mine cart.)

62. The combo lock is a little different from the ones you’re used to seeing, but it works the same. Look out one of the windows to your right and notice the number above the green door: 6877. Enter this number. To your left, you’ll see another warehouse door with the number 2813 over it. Enter it.


The four small buttons close the doors.

63. Since we’re already here, you may as well open the other two doors. Go ahead and enter 9624 and 3709. Now the warehouse is fully accessible.

Getting Into the Vault

64. Head East and take the elevator down. Now head South, up the stairs, through the metal hallway, and take the next elevator down again. Go North and turn left out into Beta Warehouse. Climb over the crates, go East and through the green warehouse door numbered 3709.


If you’re playing on Normal, you can skip paragraph’s 65 – 68. The bronze gear key on this difficulty level will be found in the mines.

65. As soon as you enter this area, you’ll see a large machine. The metal plaque identifies it as a Pressing Machine. Climb up on top and drop the tin ore into the receiver (what looks like lava). The machine will start up and in 20-30 seconds, eject refined tin from the end.

66. Head West, going through the 9624 door. Pass the Smelting Machine (remember it, since you’ll be coming here next), and go North through the Alpha Warehouse. Go all the way to the other end of Alpha and go through the 6877 door.

67. The Spinning Machine is near the green door. Drop the copper ore into the chute at the top of the machine’s ladder. Out will come refined copper.

68. Now go to the Smelting Machine that you passed earlier and toss both the copper and tin into it. A bronze gear should emerge on the conveyor belt on the South wall.

69. Return to the metal hallway, where you saw the bronze gearbox and insert the gear. If you look through the window, the vault should now be opening. Descend, do some crate climbing and enter the vault. You’ll be teleported away. Turn around and answer the door.

70. After the scene plays, you’ll be teleported to the tombs area, where you’ll see ghosts of the Trickster and Karras. They represent Greed and Mistrust. This new optional objective will be added to your list:

• Destroy the figments of your greed and mistrust in order to attain inner balance

background image

Secret #4: Frob the sarcophagus to open a door to the East.

73. While you’re here, look over at the wall crypts; one of them contains secret #4.

Jewelry In The Tombs

74. You’ll notice that you’ve been given the Vorpal Sword.

75. Go to the tomb on the West wall and frob it. Turn East and you’ll now see a secret room.

76. Use a vine arrow to get up into the room and swipe the items sitting on the tomb. (Loot Total: 2130) Drop back down into the main room. 3

77. Squeezed between the East wall and tomb is an LC jar. (Loot Total: 2150) Turn South and enter the next room. Crouch to avoid the energy balls.

78. To your left, sitting on top of the lava is a fire crystal. Grab it. Turn West and drop down onto the objects floating in the lava. There’s an LC jar sitting by the central pillar. (Loot Total: 2170)

79. Hop over toward the tomb (South). Here is the tomb of Princess Lucia the Fair. Take the tiara from her skull. Objective Complete! (Loot Total: 2270)

The Goblet of Balance

80. Lava hop to the West and take the ramp going up. Go all the way around and take the gold vase sitting beside the tomb. (Loot Total: 2295)

81. Now climb the ladder on the central pillar. Drop the yin and yang goblets onto the pedestal to receive the Goblet of Balance. Objective Complete! (Loot Total: 2420) On the downside, you’ll also spawn a number of zombies throughout the catacombs (Expert).

82. Go to the North side of the pillar, crouch, and drop down to the floor below. Go North. Cross the room and go through the arches with the falling rain drops. (These drops will cause harm to the zombies.) The first energy trap consists of several bolts shooting straight down, with a pause. Time it to scoot past, and hug the left wall.

3 The bowl of water in the secret room is a healing font

83. The next trap has two bolts shooting down at angles. Stand up and face NE. See the face on the far side that is shooting a single bolt down your hallway? As soon as it shoots, jump over the two diagonal bolts, this time hugging the right wall. Grab the coins on the floor before moving on. (Loot Total: 2455) Stay crouched and slip under the third energy bolt.

84. Drop down onto the octagonal-shaped piece of stone sitting in the lava. Turn around and snag the fire crystal that’s sitting on the lava. Hop over to the doors in the lava on the West side. Tucked under the West ramp are a couple of vases. (Loot Total: 2505) Loot Objective Complete! Now turn around and mantle up onto the ramp.

85. Go East and take the LC jar from atop the tomb. (Loot Total: 2525) Drop down onto the wedge below and take a pointy LC jar sitting next to a pillar. (Loot Total: 2545)

86. There’s another fire crystal in the lava on this side. However, the tomb sinks once you stand on it. Put your back to the tomb and walk backwards. Once you drop down onto the sinking door, quickly crouch, frob the crystal, and then mantle back up.

87. To get back up onto the upper floor, face West and leap/mantle up. There’s one more piece of loot to get before we leave. Go over to the West ramp and descend to the bottom. Above you is a tomb recessed into the wall. Jump/mantle up onto the ledge and grab the LC Jar that’s tucked between the tomb and the wall. (Loot Total: 2565)

88. Dive into the pool and navigate the burrick tunnels to return to the mines.

The Maw

89. When you come to the mines, use the map above to see where you are. You essentially want to go South and do a U-turn to the right so that you exit through the Taxidermist’s Office. But no matter where you exit, head in a Northeast direction to enter the green warehouse door that’s marked 2813.

90. There are three things to accomplish in this area:

• Kill the Trickster
• Get the Tear of Maw
• Loot the place

91. The hardest part will be to find all the loot; the Trickster is easiest. When you find him, two whacks with the Vorpal Sword will dispatch him. Use the frog beast eggs to take care of the apebeasts, as they can make things difficult, not the least of which is alerting the treebeasts in the area.

92. When you first enter the Maw, there’s a black tree growing over some crates. Peek around on top of the crates to find a silver nugget. (Loot Total: 2580)

93. Climb upon the tree growth shown in the screenshot and wait for the Tear of Maw to pass by. You can easily frob it by standing on the top of the branch. (Loot Total: 2680) Objective Complete!

94. Make sure you check the vines for what look like moss crystals—they are actually vine arrows.

95. Look for a large black tree. You’ll find a gold nugget on a large trunk branch. (Loot Total: 2705) It’s easy to spot because there’s a gas crystal right above it.

background image

Position yourself to get the Tear of Maw.
Notice the treebeast on the right, standing in the shadow.

96. You’ve by now seen the “tunnel” that’s actually a hollow black tree that’s fallen over. Use a vine arrow to climb up on top to get a silver nugget. (Loot Total: 2720)

97. Get off of the giant tree tunnel and go South. You’ll see one giant crate that’s been taken over by huge tree roots. Get on the South side of this crate and use a vine arrow to get on top. Grab the silver nugget. (Loot Total: 2735)

98. Find the Pressing Machine and turn somewhat Southeast. Climb the giant crate and drop down onto the window ledge to the South to get another silver nugget. (Loot Total: 2750)

99. The last bit of loot is on the East wall. You’ll find a treebeast standing idle and near it three crates stacked to the ceiling. Stand on the South side of these crates and fire a vine arrow so you can get to the top. Grab the gold nugget. (Loot Total: 2775)

background image

Some Woodsman’s Sap can be found near the tree
tunnel in the Maw

The Centerpiece Objective

100. Wind around past the Pressing Machine and go through the warehouse door. You should see the vault, still open. Grab the three masks Objective Complete! (Loot Total: 2875)

Getting Into the Inner Vault

101. Now head back to the combination lock. The Parable of the Smith has clues as to what numbers to enter for the inner vault.

He toiled within the sunless mines for three days… It took the smith nearly nine days to complete the tree… Then came a mighty storm that drenched the world for a fortnight…

102. A fortnight is 14 days. Thus, the combination is 3914. Return to the vault and you’ll see a statue within a niche in back wall. There’s a gem in its eye. The easiest way to get it is to mantle up onto one of the other pedestals, leap over to the back pedestal, and then crouch to frob the gem. (Loot Total: 3000) Objective Complete! You’ve also completed the bonus objective to steal every piece of loot in the warehouse.

Attaining Inner Balance

103. You’ve already killed the Trickster when you were in the Maw. The ghost of Karras will appear near the vault and in various other places. Two strikes with the Vorpal Sword and he’s history. Objective Complete!


104. Head over to the warden’s office, near where you began the mission. Drop Arnold’s letter onto the golden inbox. Objective Complete! Then drop Kevin’s Letter onto the warden’s desk. Objective Complete!

Following the Keeper

105. Head back to the crate where you first began the mission. You will see a Keeper standing there. Save your game, since there are three alternative endings:

1. Follow the Keeper to his destination.

This option takes you down to the Keeper’s lair, where he’ll reveal your purpose.

2. Don’t follow him—enter your crate instead.

Here, you’ll be teleported to the guy who hired you. Whip out your blackjack and conk him over the head. There’s a Paltry Bag of Silver on the desk. Take the key from the noble and use it to open the French door. Stealing the mask back will give you this completed objective:

• Get the last laugh

None of the masks in the gallery count for any loot.

3. Blackjack the Keeper and then enter your crate.

This results in the same ending as option 2, except that the demon voice will rebuke you for your choices.

The Demon Mask Side Quest
Mask Locations Destination (In order of discovery)
Floor crate in West warehouse near alarm room entrance, East wall NW part of mines.
Center of mines Hallway on West side of mines where you find Brother Arnold and the Yang goblet
Crate near ceiling on East side of 9624 warehouse, where vault is located. (Note red light) Top of crate in North warehouse, near pitcher plant, where door controls are located
Top of stacked crates, SE corner of Maw Mechanist library
Floor crate near 2813 door (same warehouse where door controls are located.) Room beneath spinning machine
Behind angel statue, South side of church NE corner of Maw

NOTE: Frobbing the masks is arbitrary—it doesn’t matter which one you frob first. The first mask you find will take you to the mines, the second mask will take you to Brother Arnold’s hall, and so on. Thus, if the first mask you frob is in the church, you will be teleported to the NW part of the mines, since that is the first teleport destination. The second mask you frob—regardless of which one it is—will take you to the second teleport destination on the list above.

Chemistry Set Combinations

Frob the Catalyst Tank with the Woodsman’s Sap. Light the appropriate burner (white “X”). Frob the colored flasks in the sequence shown below. Thus, for Holy Water, all three burners are turned on (X in all 3 colors), and the flasks are frobbed in the order shown: Blue, Red, Blue, Green

The Demon Mask Side Quest
Drops Resulting Potion
X X X X 12 Holy water
X X X 6 Healing Potion
4 Invisibility Potion
X X 3 Speed Potion
X 2 Slowfall Potion
Loot List courtesy PRJames
Item LOCATION Value Total
Entrance Offices
Coinstack x 2 Table, fireplace room, 1st floor (5 each) 10 10
Goblet Behind bar, fireplace room, 1st floor 15 25
Goblet Above fireplace, fireplace room, 2nd floor 15 40
Goblet x 2 Table, bedroom, 2nd floor 30 70
Alpha Warehouse
Purse Southern end, on floor 25 95
“A” and “B” offices
Coinstack x 3 Office of Repair, behind painting (12 each) 36 131
Golden hammer Primary Waterworks Office (floor) 25 156
Ring Jeweler’s office, in vise 10 166
Statuette x 2 Jeweler’s office, up high 30 196
Purse Baker’s office, top shelf 50 246
Golden hammer Brother Arnold’s tomb, in secret passage behind offices, behind banner 50 296
Golden hammer Brother Arnold’s tomb, up high 50 321
“C” Offices
Golden Vase Architect’s office 10 331
Goblet Architect’s office, floor 15 346
left sarcophagus bank, 4th level red tall LC jar 60 8959
passage to codex room (switch at entrance to secret) red short LC jar x2 80 9039
lean out right window of codex room red short LC jar 40 9079
room outside codex room, next to statue red tall LC jar 60 9139
above codex room in stairwell ornate vase 70 9209
room with patrolling guard, next to sarc ornate urn x2 100 9309
room with patrolling guard, nr empty sarc ornate urn 50 9359
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